Stealth VPN

The best free iOS VPN with multiple protocols and servers


Stealth VPN is available on all iOS devices for free. We offer multiple servers and are adding more often. We offer the following protocols: OpenVPN, Shadowsocks, HTTPS Proxy and Hydra. These protocols are used to bypass Deep Packet Inspection which lets Stealth VPN work behind the toughest of firewalls.



Stealth VPN has a strict no log policy. By using Stealth VPN you agree to the following: Stealth VPN does not collect or sell any and all user data. We do not collect logs of websites you visit or your search history, this means everything you do when connected to Stealth VPN is secure, encrypted and not stored anywhere. When connecting, we identify connection issues in order to debug them to make Stealth VPN better. We use the following services in Stealth VPN: Firebase, Adsense, Fabric, Bugfender and Applovin. Generic information is used to debug connection issues with these services and none of your browsing information is ever logged or shared with anyone.